Ex-Speaker faults corruption fight


Former Speaker of Parliament, Louis Chimango, has said corruption will continue troubling the country if right strategies are not employed in the fight against the vice.

Chimango was speaking in Lilongwe on Wednesday evening during a public lecture organised by Unicaf University.

In his lecture themed “Achieving your goals with quality education,” Chimango highlighted corruption as one of the evils affecting the country. He argued that corruption has not been targeted with the right tools.


“I took as an example a goal which is to reduce, wipe out corruption: anti-corruption drive, they call it. How do you do it? And I took the view, having looked at the theme technically myself, that maybe there are gaps in our mannerism of doing things; that perhaps we haven’t tackled corruption, we haven’t targeted it with the right tools,” Chimango said.

He said there may be a number of strategies in the fight against corruption but another aspect which has to be considered is integrity.

“Yes, we must have the top, we must have a direction, we must have policy, and you must have a law but what about other issues such as integrity? Because the real issue is integrity. We had the Kenyan Professor [Patrick] Lumumba coming to say what he had to say.


“But I am also saying to you, you should also look at how to develop integrity and inculcate that spirit of integrity in our schools, universities and it requires learning from even social anthropologists,” he said.

In April in his keynote speech during the opening of the first-ever National Anti-Corruption Conference, Lumumba made a number of suggestions in the fight against corruption in the country including the need for leadership from the top.

Unicaf’s Rector, Professor Joseph Kuthemba Mwale, said the university is prepared to drill Malawians so that they become citizens of high integrity.

“We, as a university, are part of Lilongwe, part of Malawi and we want to interact with fellow citizens in Lilongwe, in Malawi and in Africa. We thought of bringing them here so that they can interact with us, but also to know what we are, what we offer and what our skills which we give our students are and how we believe we have got a duty to do, to help Malawi, to help Africa to change and to become developed,” Kuthemba Mwale said.

He said the university will be holding such lectures on monthly basis so that critical issues affecting the country are discussed.

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