Experts discuss internet penetration challenges


With the low numbers of Africans having access to internet, experts are gathered in Lilongwe to deliberate on the possible solutions.

Malawi is hosting the 2022 Africa Internet Governance Forum which has brought together experts in the field and other delegates from African countries including members of Parliament.

African Union Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy Amani Abou-zeid said Africa has one of the fastest growing population and urbanisation in the world, hence the need to devise ways of catching up with the increasing demand for the needs including digitalisation.


“We have a population, the majority of whom are young people about 65 percent who need jobs… and we do believe that we that Africa has it all to offer to young people when Africa is intergreted,” she said.

She called on Africa governments to focus on working as a team to improve in the energy sector, road connection and connect digitally which she said would guarantee the future and save the continent from future crisis.

In his virtual speech, President Lazarus Chakwera said the pace of change is so fast that the technology depended on today might be overtaken in the future.


He has, therefore, challenged African countries to have a capacity of building technology that the world might need in the near future.

Minister of Information, Gospel Kazako said digitisation is a priority for the government agenda and that there is a need to interface with other nations in Africa as Malawi alone could not do.

“Digital issues are the future, and as a result we have to stand together as African countries so that we are able to secure that future,” said Kazako.

According to statics, an average internet penetration in Africa is around 43 percent, but it is lower or higher than that in some individual countries.

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