Facebook has its angels


Facebook has been demonised in different ways. It has been accused of robbing some families of decent communication as couples get busy chatting with Facebook friends. It has been described as a wonderful breeding ground for extramarital affairs.

Many companies complain of workers who spend so much time on Facebook chatting with friends. This is observably bad because it reduces productivity and at the same time clogs internet bandwidth for organisations.

There is so much that has been documented on the evils of Facebook that it is sometimes so easy to forget the wonderful sides of this social medium.


There are many apps that can be downloaded for free that can extend the functions of Facebook and make it even better. For those companies that worry about employees wasting time on Facebook, an app called Facebook at Work can turn things around. Once installed on company’s server, this app allows employees to access a company’s new feeds, form collaboration groups and communicate easily.

Facebook at Work is so helpful for companies that have remote workers like reporters who may need to file stories to the newsroom. This app is available for both Android and Apple phones.

Facebook Page Manager is another beautiful app that lets you separate the activities of your company Facebook page and your personal page. This is important as it lets you prioritise business affairs over trivial personal updates.


Paper Stories is somehow related to Facebook Page Manager but goes further. This app can be liked to a piece of paper where you can group the feeds for your Facebook page. Think of it as a newspaper; divided into section like local, regional, international, business news sandwiched by advertising and finally sports.

You can likewise divide your Facebook page using Paper Stories. In this way, you do not have to waste time going through a maze of feeds before finding what you what to read at the time. As Expected, the first thing that I want to see when I open my Facebook page is Tech news; this app helps me group all technology stories.

Facebook Groups works like Groups on WhatsApp. Many fans of WhatsApp will not fail to tell you that this is why they use more of WhatsApp than Facebook. Verily, verily, I say unto you, this feature is also available on Facebook. This is a wonderful tool for sharing church, neighborhood, family or school news.

For those people that believe that a camera does not lie, there is an app for them; Slingshot. You can post both photos and videos to let your friends know how your day was. The app has editing and adjustment features and even drawing tools that can help you enhance and decorate your pictures or add text to your videos.

Facebook has something for everybody. It all depends on what you use it for.

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