Facebook outage in English


On Monday, October 4 2021, three apps for Mark Zuckerberg’s colossal social media empire: facebook, instagram and messenger went offline for approximately six hours. And the world sneezed.

Was it a cyber-attack? Nope. While performing routine maintenance, one Facebook engineer inputted a ‘grammatically’ incorrect command.

The engineer simply intended to know how much capacity the system had at the point so as to make sure that it was not so overwhelmed to cause bottlenecks.


Because the syntax was wrong; and machines do not read between the lines, the poor soul erroneously disconnected facebook, instagram and messenger from the internet. That entailed the apps were unable to connect to data centres strewn around the entire globe.

All things being equal, the system has built in auto-auditing tools that should have asked the engineer if he really meant to do that. Somehow, that did malfunctioned.

Why did it take an entire six hours to reconnect the system back to the internet? When that happened, the engineers were locked out.


They needed to gate-crash yet the gatekeepers were made of steel. Understandably, to keep hackers away. In this case, had to hack own system

Once the system was installed, the connection to data centres had to be done bit by bit.

A totally empty stomach is filled increasingly starting with porridge before moving on to hard African pasta made from corn husks (Madeya).

Facebook alone has 3.5 billion people around the world who depend on it to communicate with friends and family, to opine political ideologies and to do advertising outreach for business.

This was an “attack” on civilisation; violation of modern-day human rights.

Let’s count Facebook’s loses. The company lost $6 billion in those six hours. Arithmetically, this means Facebook forks in a billion dollars per hour. How? As demonstrated above, Facebook has the numbers, it’s a big church. Advertisers come here to meet the people.

All I am trying to say is that you are pawns in the Facebook money spinning games. Social media giants are like concubines, bottomless pits.

As Solomon says in his songs (8:7); if you want to buy her love, you’ll be broke, busted and despised.

The philosophy of this is that go on social media to make money. Use its far-reaching capabilities to monetize.

Use WhatsApp Business for free to market yourself and your products.

One more thing; while WhatsApp was mourning, Telegram went into higher gear lionising its resilience. In business, there is no brother’s keeper.

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