Faith Mussa, David Kalilani in collabo

TEAM WORK—Faith (left) and David

By Yankho Seunda and Sam Banda Jnr

Celebrated musicians Faith Mussa and David Kalilani have collaborated in a track titled ‘This Love’ which seen a perfect marriage between hip hop and afro soul.

The track has since received an overwhelming response garnering 33,000 downloads in three days.


Faith, who has just returned from Spain where he performed at a Fair Play assembly, said yesterday that he wrote the song in 2019.

“I tried to feature about two other artists earlier but it did not work. When I talked to David, the energy was right. I now realise that the song was waiting for him. He did justice to it,” the singer and guitarist, said.

He said they will be shooting a music video for the track next week and that he was looking forward to doing more music projects with him.


David said he has always admired Faith and that he has always been a great fan of his music.

“We have built a very good friendship over the years. I am happy to work with him in this song,” he said.

David describes the song as an anthem for the broken, imperfect and wounded who are not seen in the busyness and superficial world we live in today.

“‘This Love’ is a song that will shift moods. The guitar sounds and vocals are like a surgical blade giving a transplant to broken hearts replacing them with new vigor,” he said.

David said the bottom line is that during such turbulent times many quickly discover that there is only one who loves unconditionally.

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