Faith of Mussa


With Richard Chirombo:

From the first cry, we are programed to keep away from matters that may leave us sullied, physically and psychologically.

It is a sense we carry along, like a light load, on our life’s journey.


Not that life is programmed to be an easy lot of sweet sensibilities. Problems are strewn along life’s path, along with great feelings of success that conquer our emotions when we conquer the problems.

Actually, history is littered with painful events that turned out to be positives. And, surely, we, people who are alive today, can never escape the impact of the negatives and positives on our lives.

Adversity, surely, must be a tool for survival in the jungle of life, if not to you, at least to musician Faith Mussa, who has been taking to the skies like a bird that has just learned to fly.


And he shows no sign of being heartily embarrassed that he is hardly at home— meaning in Malawi— these days.

Look here, Faith, in the days that are past, used to work for someone— call it company, organisation and what have you. He was on a salary, that yoke they systematically ‘sell’ to us as a ‘reward’ when we have performed our labours.

And, somehow, the boss seemed to have congenital ignorance, so much so that he used to say, without fear of contradiction, that employees like Faith would find life difficult outside that workplace.

And, in Faith’s words, when that boss decided to fire him, he told him, point blank, that he would not survive outside the workplace.

It is not the performance stage we are referring to as the workplace; far from it. We are talking of an office building governed by the dictates of time—arrive at the workplace at 07:30am, go for lunch at 12 noon and come back at 1:30pm, only to knock off at 5pm.

For some time, the boss’ words seemed to ring true. For two years, he was wondering from one place to another, wondering about what the future held.

Then, after two years of waiting and hoping and praying and playing his guitar, he re-discovered his true love: music.

And, oh, it has paid off for Faith.

Had he decided to let the boss’ words pass, he would be spending his time regretting instead of celebrating life through music. But, when his former boss decided to start a game he expected to win at Faith’s expense, the musician did not bulge.

That is why Faith is touring the globe like nobody’s business now.

As I write this, he is in Europe— thanks to the allure of the guitar.

He can even afford to tell the former boss now: ng’oooo oooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooo!

Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!H a!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! Each ha!for each tribe of Israel.

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