Fam blamed for Bullets’ saga


VETERAN soccer analyst Charles Nyirenda has attributed the confusion that has rocked Nyasa Big Bullets in recent weeks to Football Association of Malawi’s (Fam) laisse faire approach when enforcing rules and regulations.

The People’s Team house was torn apart over the issue of commercialisation, a situation which led to the resignations of its board of trustees and suspension of sponsorship by Nyasa Manufacturing Company.

Nyirenda said Fam’s negligence in enforcing the club licensing system is what is making clubs in the country to run unprofessionally.


“The problem is not Bullets or whatever, but rather the Football Association of Malawi. Club licensing is their own baby but they are failing miserably to enforce it. It is like they do not know what they want to achieve,” Nyirenda said.

“Those people who are at the helm of the association seem to be happy with what they are seeing happening in clubs. We are one month away before the Super League season kicks off, yet nothing tangible has happened, that is a laisse faire-approach.”

He added that Fam must come up with a clear timeline on club licensing, saying the current trend will leave Malawi teams being run in the same old fashion.


“A sponsor would come to Malawi with K100 million sponsorship, yet winning the Super League title can only earn a club less than K20 million, is that sanity? And Fam is just smiling at it as if everything is alright. By the way, how can you move a mountain when you are even failing to move a chair?” he wondered.

Nyirenda worked for Fam as general secretary a few years ago and it is unclear as to what contribution he made in making the clubs professional. But Fam has since distanced itself from The People’s Team’s saga.

Fam Transfer Matching System Manager, Capser Jangale, said Fam has nothing to do with any club’s in-house fights. “That is a wrong observation. What went wrong at Bullets was their own confusion. Some were saying the team would go commercial but others within the board of trustees were opposing the idea,” Jangale said.

“So to say Fam is to blame on that I don’t think is correct. When we introduced this club licensing issue, we were not meant to change things within the clubs. The idea is to make the game in Malawi more professional and the clubs to run their teams professionally.”

Jangale said although Fam is not impressed with the way teams are faring in terms of club licensing requirements, there are a lot of positives. Under club licensing the clubs are required to have a training facility, qualified coaches, doctors and secretariat.

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