Fam gets tough on coaches’ qualifications


In an attempt to improve the quality and standard of football in the country, Football Association of Malawi (Fam) has set tough rules for coaches that want to work in the Super League next season by stating that only coaches with top qualifications would be allowed to coach in the elite League.

Fam president Walter Nyamilandu said only coaches that have Caf and Uefa Licences would be allowed to work in the Super League.

Coaches that have Fam C Licences would be allowed to work in the lower leagues that are dominated by coaches with Fam C Preparatory Licences.


“For our football to improve, we need to start at the League level. We need to have qualified coaches in our main leagues so that the standard of the league and the competition should be high. This will translate to a good performance at the national team level,” he said.

“We will continue organising coaching courses so that the coaches should be up-to-date with modern football knowledge and techniques. We need to follow the footsteps of other African countries that have competitive leagues.”

Malawi currently has coaches with Caf B Licence, but 30 other coaches underwent a Caf A Licence coaching course three months ago and they are awaiting the results.


Other coaches also possess Uefa A and B Licences.

According to Malawi National Coaches’ Committee secretary, Benjamin Kumwenda, Malawi has 56 highly qualified coaches that could make a difference on the local scene.

“We thank Fam for organising coaching courses locally and sending other coaches abroad for training. After our annual general meeting in Mzuzu, we agreed that we will send a database of our coaches to Fam through the technical director so that they should send it to all 15 Super League teams. The teams should have a wide choice of qualified coaches they can work with. We need highly qualified coaches in our main league so that they can teach the players the right stuff,” he said.

Kumwenda added that if the Super League had highly qualified coaches, the coaches would not have problems if their teams qualified for Caf competitions.

Only coaches with Caf or Uefa qualifications are allowed to coach in Caf competitions.

Super League of Malawi general secretary Williams Banda said the league’s organising body would implement Fam’s recommendation.

“We will enforce that but first of all we have to get the database of the coaches to see if we have the capacity to implement that. It also goes down to the clubs to make an agreement with the coaches because we cannot dictate who they should employ. There are several issues to look at including financial issues. If we have highly qualified coaches then definitely the quality in the league will improve,” he said.

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