Fam, Surestream in stadium stand-off


Barely few weeks after Football Association of Malawi (Fam) renewed Suresteam Academy’s lease tenancy deal for Surestream Stadium in Chilomoni, Blantyre, a cold war between the two parties has erupted over renovations.

Sources indicate that the academy’s management has, for unknown reasons, put its foot down that it will no longer renovate part of the facility, including a wall which has developed cracks.

Sources indicate that toilets at the facility also require extensive renovations as they are in an unusable state, hence pose a health hazard.


Apparently, Fam has been hesitant to renovate the venue because the association was expecting Surestream to do so during the first period of the lease agreement.

Under the previous tenancy lease deal, Surestream offered to renovate the stadium, which was in sorry state, in return for three-year occupancy.

In the new lease arrangement, Surestream will be paying K100,000 monthly to Fam for three years.


Surestream Academy finance director, Oscar Mumba, said it was an agreement between a tenant and landlord as such they will not renovate the other areas.

“After agreeing terms of the second lease, we did our part. We renovated the other areas. However, we have made it clear that we will no longer renovate the fence and other structures within the facility,” he said.

Mumba hoped that Fam would act swiftly to avoid endangering lives, adding that “as an academy our preparations are on-going.”

Fam general secretary, Suzgo Nyirenda, said they were taking their time before commencing renovations.

“We have settled the issue and there is nothing sinister happening. We will shortly send our team for sight-seeing then come up with a quote,” he said.

Surestream pumped in over K60 million to put the then dilapidated and deserted MDC Stadium back on its feet. The academy opened on October 11, 2012.

The academy produced Surestream football club which evolved into Fisd Wizards after parting ways with then technical director, Peter Mponda.

Fam, using a Caf grant, bought the facility a decade ago at around K22 million. Sports authorities in Malawi fail to manage facilities.

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