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Fam tells Nomads off

Football Association of Malawi (Fam) has said Be Forward Wanderers have no business in the Jafali Chande contract saga.

Reacting to the Nomads’ concerns on the delays to conclude the wrangle, Fam Chief Executive Officer, Suzgo Nyirenda, said the matter was between Nyasa Big Bullets and Chande, hence the need for Wanderers’ patience.

The Nomads General Secretary, Mike Butao, noted that his club’s patience was wearing thin due to Fam’s delays.

He said his club was having a tough time restraining supporters, who are threatening to march to Fam’s Mpira Village to present their concerns.

“We wonder why Chande is being victimised in this manner. He cannot play until this matter has been sorted out. Now, are we being fair to the player who solely depends on the game for survival?” Butao wondered.

He expressed concern that his club was spending on Chande when the authorities had stopped him from playing.

But Nyirenda said Fam was waiting for the body’s disciplinary committee’s determination.

“They are the ones to decide when they will convene their meeting to conclude it. The concerned parties have told us their side of the story, and everything lies in the hands of the disciplinary committee,” he emphasised.

Nyirenda said it was not easy to set a date for the committee’s meeting since its members come from different parts of the country and have their own commitments.

“We are only trying to be procedural. Sulom said they will not register the player until the matter is sorted out. And we are doing our best to ensure that the right conclusion is reached so that justice takes its course,” he said.

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