Fans call for Fifa, ACB intervention

Fam boss unmoved over allegations

Reyneck Matemba

Some concerned football followers and former players are seeking intervention of football world governing body Fifa, Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) and Office of the Vice President on allegations that there is ‘high level corruption’ at Football Association of Malawi (Fam).

In the dossier dated August 26, 2020, the concerned fans claim that the association was dragging football into politics, abusing Covid-19 funds, bribery and vote buying and illegal dissolution of beach soccer executive committee.

“While Fifa clearly states that football should be separated from politics and that governments and politicians should not interfere in football, the trend happening in Africa now is the opposite with football administrators deliberately dragging football into politics to forge political ties that can help prolong their football tenure in office,” reads part of the dossier.


“In Malawi, top officials of football have for a long time dragged football politics, with some senior members of the executive openly campaigning for ruling political parties at political mass rallies or in the streets wearing party political attires. There are serious allegations of vote buying and bribery by the football leadership to the extent of that Fam bought Plasma TVs, cars and other things for members of the voting affiliates in Lilongwe in order for them to vote for the incumbent Fam president in the elections conducted recently.”

The dossier also claimed that there are ghost workers at the association as some coaches are employed without proper recruitment procedures.

Fam president Walter Nyamilandu, who is a Fifa Council member, said the allegations were baseless.


“This is cheap propaganda. The allegations are baseless and unfounded,” Nyamilandu said in a written response.

He was under fire for putting a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) beret. The association also sponsored presentation of nomination papers for former president Peter Mutharika.

ACB Director Reyneck Matemba confirmed that the bureau received the complaints.

“We received it, we will look into the issues. If they fall within our mandate, we will pursue them. But if they fall outside our mandate, we will refer to the appropriate authority. Some of the allegations we received previously, related to pure fraud which is under Fiscal Police,” Matemba said.

Minister of Youth and Sports Ulemu Msungama was recently quoted in the local press accusing Nyamilandu, saying the Fam boss was politically compromised for his role in the former ruling DDP.

The fans also claim that Fam should be investigated on how Fifa Covid-19 money has been spent. Fam announced in April this year that it has set a side K350 million to support players, officials and referees during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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