Favoured Martha favours orphans


With the year 2017 exiting and 2018 being ushered in, gospel singer Favoured Martha real name, Martha Pingasa, on Friday took time out to eat and dance with orphans at Mwayi Orphan Care in Ndirande, Blantyre.
The singer— who in the year 2017 made history by being among the top beneficiaries of the Airtel ringtones royalties driven by Copyright Society of Malawi (Cosoma) — also donated different items to Mwayi Orphan Care.
She said, being the end of the year and the festive season, she thought it wise to reach out to the community.
“I just thought it wise, with the year coming to an end, to come and eat with these orphans, celebrate with them as well as give them words of encouragement,” Favoured Martha said.
The singer said she selected Mwayi Orphanage after considering its history and challenges the institution faces.
Some of the donated items include bags of maize, cooking oil, soya pieces and note books.
She could not be drawn to say how much she had spent on the items.
“I would like to thank people who took their time to make contributions,” she said.
Favoured Martha, who is also Musicians Union of Malawi (Mum) Vice president, thanked people for patronising her shows.
“People support us by patronising our shows. We are where we are today because of them. So, we also need to give back to the society; hence, interacting with the orphans.
“Again, I have grown up in a poor family and, so, I know the challenges that orphans and other vulnerable children face,” she said.
Favoured Martha described the year 2017 as a success.
“God favoured me in the year 2017; in the year, I was able to reach out to people through different performances. I was also one of the top beneficiaries in the Airtel ringtones,” the singer said.
In the year 2017, the singer also dropped her third album Mawa Limafika. Her other albums are Ondikonda Ndilinaye and Yehova Musalole.
She took time out to perform the song ‘Mawa Limafika’.
Favoured Martha also performed the song ‘Yahweh’ from her previous album, which saw her break into tears.
In the song, she talks about some of the challenges that people, including orphans, go through, finding solace in the fact that God always takes people through problems.
“I would like to wish everyone all the best in 2018 and I call upon them to celebrate responsibly,” Favoured Martha said.
Favoured Martha, who had time to learn how the orphans are taught, also donated wrappers of zitenje to caregivers as well as some cash.
Farao Katoma, who sells newspapers in the morning and later works at the orphanage, hailed Favoured Martha for the gesture.
“The items we have received will help us a lot. We normally lack food and, so, the maize we have received will take us up to March,” Katoma said.
He also said that most of the caregivers work on voluntary basis and called upon well-wishers to support them.
“We have 52 orphans in total and, from that number, 15 have started Standard One and others have started secondary education,” Katoma said.
He said, in the past, the orphans used to sleep at the centre before the arrangement changed. They now come in the morning and leave for home in the afternoon.
One of the people who accompanied Favoured Martha, Themba Phiri, said the orphanage was doing a commendable job in looking after orphans, who are the future leaders.
“I would like to thank Favoured Martha for taking time to do this. When she told us the idea, we felt it was good because most orphans do not have time to celebrate at the end of the year. So, we decided to make contributions,” Phiri said.

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