FDH Financial Holdings rescues Marieta


Marieta Samuel, a Dowa woman whose hands were chopped off by her husband, can finally afford a smile as FDH Financial Holdings has come to her rescue 10 years since her husband chopped off her hands.

The bank has donated two bales of second—hand clothes, K500,000 cash and other items worth about K800,000.

On August 14, our sister paper, The Sunday Times, featured Marieta’s life 10 years after her fate.


In the article, the 41—year old, Marieta narrated how 10 years have gone without any tangible help despite promises by different organisations.

“I was not sure of how to take the news when I was contacted by these people. I thought it will be the same old story of fake promises people make to me. To my surprise, things started to unfold and here I am. It’s like a dream come true that these people have really come to my rescue,” Marieta said.

Chief Executive Officer for FDH Financial Holdings, Thom Mpinganjira said, the organisation has categorised the aid in short and long term basis.


Marieta said for short term, she would like to venture into selling of second—hand clothes and possibly operate a hawker.

“Right after my incident, I always thought of venturing into a good business which will sustain my children and me. So this idea of second hand clothes is not random, I will work hard to improve my life,” she said.

Mpinganjira said the mere fact that this woman was abandoned when it was a highly talked about issue in 2006 calls for great concern to the whole nation as to how we handle certain issues.

“When we read the story in The Sunday Times, we noticed that 10 years later nothing has been done when it was a national issue. We immediately talked about it and thought we can do something to help this abandoned woman,” he said.

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