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FDH gives Giddes Chalamanda K2 million

NOW FDH AGENT—Chalamanda

FDH Bank said Monday they were coming up with K2 million package for legendary musician Giddes Chalamanda.

This follows an announcement made by musician Patience Namadingo, who is also FDH Ambassador through a reggae mash-up which he has done with Chalamanda.

Namadingo told Chalamanda that FDH Bank would build him a grocery and that he was now a ‘retired musician’.

FDH Bank Public Relations Officer Lorraine Lusinje, said they would start building the grocery later this month.

“The K2 million package is distributed as follows, K500,000 as payment for mash-up performance and then K1,500 000 for the grocery and stocking it,” Lusinje said.

She also said that apart from building the 90-year old musician a grocery, the legendary musician will also be their Banki Pakhomo agent.

Banki Pakhomo is FDH Bank agency banking which takes the bank to communities,” Lusinje said.

She said through Banki Pakhomo, people can transact and access services through the agent and that Chalamanda as an agent, is linked digitally to the bank.

“People in the community will benefit from Chalamanda as an agent in terms of different transactions and Chalamanda will also benefit,” Lusinje said.

Apart from starring with Chalamanda in the latest mash-up, Namadingo has spearheaded other mash-up episodes featuring among others, Soldier Lucius Banda, Black Missionaries and Billy Kaunda.

In the mash-up which saw Namadingo doing a number of songs with Chalamanda including Napolo, Che Meli, Liny and Buffalo Soldier, he (Namadingo), said that the legendary musician was a popular musician but still swimming in poverty.

Edgar ndi Davis Band, who have been starring with Namadingo for years, have since hailed FDH Bank and Namadingo for the support.

The move comes barely a week after Namadingo also announced that he would assist an up and coming musician Made See real name Medson Kapeni with FDH Bank pumping in K2 million for the initiative.

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