Fears of Rwanda plunder in Mozambique ‘unfounded’


Mozambique’s High Commissioner in Rwanda, Amade Miquidade, has dismissed fears that Rwanda could use the presence of its troops in Mozambique to plunder resources of the southern African country.

A 1,000-strong Rwandan force was deployed in 2021 to fight insurgents who had carried out devastating attacks in Cabo Delgado province in north-east Mozambique. Mozambique’s defence forces were widely regarded as corrupt, poorly trained and ill-equipped and were no match to the band of insurgents.

The deployment of the Rwandan force was initially opposed within the ruling party.


But Miquidade has reassured that any existing suspicions against the Rwandan soldiers were unfounded. He drew comparisons with Mozambique’s previous involvement to end apartheid in South Africa and helping Zimbabwe win independence.

“Mozambique has had military operations at the invitation of other countries. We weren’t there looking for anything in return other than the security and stability of these countries,” he said. “So, I don’t see any reason to panic;, Rwanda is not going to take any of our resources.” —BBC

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