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Federalists up North are out of their mind


The police should immediately effect an arrest on the anarchists in the North, led by Bina Shawa, who are operating under the masquerade of calling for the federal system of government to be established to devolve more powers to the regions.

After being allowed to march and present a petition calling for federalism as well as abolition of quota system of selecting students into public university to President Peter Mutharika last week, this group has now resorted to using underhand tactics to achieve its objectives by holding all of us to ransom to accept what they want.

The group said if government does not accede to its demand on quota system, it will remove all students from other regions attending school in the Northern Region.


But it was silent on students from Northern Region attending school in the other regions. I assume this meant these have a right to school in any region so they will stay put while those from other regions attending school in the North have abrogated that right and deserve to be chucked out.

Free people calling for change in the way they are governed is acceptable in any democratic society and is largely tolerated.

In Britain, there is a growing anti-monarchy movement that campaigns for the abolition of the Royal Family and wants the union to revert to a republic with an elected president as head of State.


In the US, every time there is a Democrat in the While House, petitions are signed calling for independence for some states such as Texas. These have even been louder with not only a Democrat in the While House but an African American.

These groups have largely been left to their devices because whatever they do, they do it within the ambit of the law and avoid causing anarchy.

Contrast this with our federalists in the North. It is ragtag bunch of wankers who want to divide Malawians and cause hatred among them to rise against one another.

Does the group ever imagine that Malawians in the Centre or South will just sit by while they chase their innocent kids selected to schools in the Northern Region just to make a point on quota system?

Is it the kids attending school in the Northern Region from the Centre or South who introduced the quota system for them to suffer for it?

What about the millions of the northerners working in the South and Centre? Should they also be chased back to their home of origin to balance up the equation, so to speak?

As a discerning Malawian, there are just a million things that I feel are not going right in this country. Poverty is getting worse in villages; corruption is endemic which means money which should have gone towards improving us all as a nation is lining the pockets of the few connected to the ruling elite; the national cake is unfairly shared with the Cabinet being a microcosm of it all and decidedly eschewed towards the South despite that all Malawians pay tax; public infrastructure is ever rotting as no one seems to care as the general efficiency in social service delivery is left unattended.

I can go on moaning about the things that are going wrong in this country until the cows come home but does it mean I should turn myself into anarchist and take it all on fellow human beings that have got nothing to do with it?

The answer is hell no. That is why the anarchists in the North calling themselves federalists are now taking it too far and should be stopped.

Why should a ragtag band of confusionists take this country to an abyss of destruction as if they are more Malawian than the rest of us?

They are just out of their mind and they risk losing even those who just had an ear to listen to their petty bar talk.

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