Final act of deletion


At the moment, the political mojo of one Peter Mutharika is shrinking at a worrisome rate for his sycophants. The maize scandal that has one of his trusted lieutenants in the name of George Chaponda muddled in is a hammer blow below the belt for Peter and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Normally, the maize scandal between Malawi and Zambia should not be a political issue. This is one scandal that bares the rot in our system and unmasks the crooks we entrust with our purse in high offices. When you come to think of it that people decided to doctor figures, forge documents, bypass authorities and rush processes, you come to realise that this country is rotten to the core.

When you study the arguments on the maize deal, all you see is that most people have stopped sailing in the direction of the national compass and are drifting by the waves of political affiliation. The decadence in the system has been forgotten and all we are concentrating on is the political impact of the scandal.


Of course, you can excuse people for taking that route because at the centre of it all is the name of a then minister who, I am told, was rehearsing for the presidency. Joyce Banda lost the plot in 2014 because of Cashgate. JB might never have heard the name of some of the people who were busy stealing from the public purse: but then, there were some people who were directly linked to her and her People’s Party (PP). You might not agree but Cashgate hanged JB. But the truth is that the problem is with the system because it allows politicians to dictate everything about policy or even what is and how much should be stolen. And you cannot excuse them.

I get depressed most times with what has become Malawians’ metric of who should be our next president. Most of us have reclined to the idea that the next president should be one who will steal less than the other instead of who will take this nation

out of ignominy. We seem like a people that have lost all sense of pride and standards and do not even care about the progress of this nation.


This nation is under this bad leadership because we had little choice in May 2014. Joyce Banda messed up this country in the two years she bumped onto the presidency. In the two years she was in power, all she did was reverse the diabolic policies of Bingu wa Mutharika and there was practically little or no national direction. And dented by Cashgate and Jetgate, people—of course just a minority of 36 percent or thereabouts—voted back in power the monstrous DPP. Between 2009 and 2012, the DPP had soiled its image because of its undemocratic acts. This was a party that was an antithesis of democracy and civility yet, somehow, it found itself back in power. Most of us thought with the departure of Bingu, the DPP was as well a cremated dragon but Malawians have a mind of their own.

As I said earlier, the DPP returned to power because the PP was a mess and I am afraid in 2019, Malawians will also wake up to the realisation of having another pathetic leader like the one we have here.

I find it disturbing that even people like the disastrous Joyce Banda believe they did better on the job and harbour ambitions to rule this country. Good people, limited as we are on leadership, it is mere eating of our own vomit to have people of Joyce Banda’s ilk to run this country. Peter Mutharika and Joyce Banda should be competing for the Worst President Award other than dreaming of continuing ruling this country or bouncing back respectively.

Malawi Congress Party’s Lazarus Chakwera is another man I find suspect to run this country. The former cleric looks timid and nonchalant in so many issues. With him I am afraid all we will end up having, if voted in power, is flamboyance of words and no action. In MCP, which many of you think is the alternative party to lead us, there are vultures that are just waiting for a chance to rip this nation of whatever we have. The humility you see in these people is plastic.

The UDF is a dead party and Atupele Muluzi, like it or not, has sold the soul of the once-mighty UDF to the DPP. They say two years is a long time in politics but if you are sane enough, you would be asking questions on what premise Atupele will be arguing on come 2019.

And come to leadership options, I have George Chaponda in mind. There were serious rumours about Chaponda being the preferred presidential candidate of the DPP but this maize scandal has dealt him a severe blow. Now Chaponda is angry and blaming everyone.

George Chaponda is a big fish in the DPP: he even looked at people with spite. But there is an allegory of reversal of orders that we all need to remember, always. An elephant is so huge and easily tramples on red ants .But when the red ant finds its way into the ear of an elephant and starts irritating it, the elephant is reduced to a mound of misery and ends up hitting itself against rocks, trees and stumps in a vain attempt to get rid of the red ant. Eventually, the elephant injures itself fatally and that is its final act of deletion.

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