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Final act of deletion

The Peoples Party (PP) this week has been so generous to allow us a little time from discussing the sagging economy, and instead it has given us its acts of folly for fodder.

The signs are all over the place for all to see that the party is no longer one big happy family as it was before its resounding fall from grace in May last year. Things are falling apart at the speed of light for the orange family.

If recent happenings are anything to take seriously, come 2019, the PP will find itself wobbling to the polls unlike last time when it marched with pomp and grandeur only to lose.

Some of us are not an inch surprised by the low the PP has recently hit because signs were there before that the party’s foundation was on the biblical sinking sand. Very few joined the PP out of a conviction to serve rather all they wanted was to join the loot that is traditionally orchestrated by every party that comes to power in this country.

For records sake, the PP may be the first party to hold the unenviable record of losing all its elected vice presidents in a stunningly short time. It was Sidik Mia who dumped it first, then Cassim Chilumpha walked out before Khumbo Kachali bet rayed the party but propping up Peter Mutharika—Joyce Banda’s arch nemesis—days before the polls.

Of course in politics there are no certain and sworn foes just like there aren’t permanent friends, but what Khumbo Kachali did to the PP and Joyce Banda was a cardinal political sin deserving eternal damnation in the deepest end of political hell.

One might say that then, Kachali wires of sanity were slightly disturbed after being unceremoniously overlooked as JB’s running mate at the polls and all he could do was hit back where it pained most. But, if he was indeed the seasoned politician as some quarters tout him to be, Kachali ought to have kept his cool, go into seclusion to retune his harp before bursting into another song other than having a dalliance with the enemy that is the DPP.

It is not that much of a shocker to learn that the PP is happy with the return of the wayward Kachali and has warmly welcomed him, because the party has, since its inception, shown how it lacks sieving mechanism and is desperate to add to its membership even people whose political relevance stands suspect and those whose intentions are nothing but to create chaos. That, if many do not know, is one reason the PP failed to stand the heat of last year’s polls.

Interestingly, one of the people I have always believed should never have been taken aboard the PP train is Christopher Mzomera-Ngwira. Yes this same reverend that recently started all the mess that has rocked the PP.

Wherever he has been, Mzomera-Ngwira has shown destructive exuberance and is too fanatic in his undertakings. Immediately after Bingu wa Mutharika left the stage and Joyce Banda took over, the DPP held its post-Bingu rally in Thyolo, and Ngwira, who was still blue then, was asked to say grace. What was supposed to be a prayer from the man of the collar turned to be some sort of incantations to a strange political deity that takes honour in hubris and insults because, all what Mzomera-Ngwira uttered were insults on Joyce Banda and proclamation that he will live long to see the fall of the lady.

Look now, it is the same Mzomer a-Ngwira who, in that recent moment of intoxication, declared Kachali leader leaving the whole party shell-shocked and off balance.

It is true that Joyce Banda has been a bad leader for the party due to her strange absence. Losing an election, especially when you were in government, is traumatising but still, a leader is expected to exude an aura of bravely and lead his or her troops even in defeat, but Banda showed that she lacks the spine to stand when the metal meets the meat. But still, it is just an act of rebellion for one overcharged man to start firing people around and replacing them with whoever he wants.

Earlier, I had been tempted to believe that the PP is run like the ecclesiastical mad Tower of Babylon where one speaks Greek, another Aramaic, that one there Spanish, this one Urdu, others Jewish, Latin and Farsi until there is a cacophony and then chaos until the fall; but now I am convinced the party is one big mad circus.

If you read the papers this week you will agree with me. While one Mzomera- Ngwira was appointing Kachali interim leader, Ibrahim Matola, the Secretary General, was refuting the matter while welcoming back Kachali to the party. On the other hand Joyce Banda, the president, was contradicting Matola saying that Kachali has never left the party, and elsewhere, one Uladi Mussa was on Mzomera-Ngwira’s neck. What further example of political discordance do we need here?

The PP is simply paying up for its leadership malaise and it will find it too hard to ressurect. In fact, if it is not careful all this might be the start of its final act of deletion.

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