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Miracle Chinga Moffat would have loved to have been with her mother – Grace, for a long time to learn more from her as far as gospel music is concerned as well as perform with her.

But God did not make it possible as she died suddenly in March 2016.

What a talent the country lost. Grace was no ordinary gospel musician. She was talented and was so passionate about music. Her songs continue to preach to souls today.


Her legacy will continue to live on and her music will continue to minister to people out there.

Miracle and siblings were left in pain following their mother’s death but although difficult to forget, she is thankful to God for her mother.

Her performance at her mother’s funeral service at Robin’s Park in Blantyre left many people in tears but gave people hope that in Miracle, Grace’s legacy will continue.


And true, Miracle has been on a mission to continue from where her mother left off and with people expecting a lot from her, she has had to experience pressure where some quarters have wanted to liken her to her mother.

Some people have also come out over the years to say that “Miracle was Miracle” and that she was nowhere near her mother’s music hence she needed to make her own name.

It has been a long walk for her and people have been on the lookout for her to produce her own music, with some eagerly waiting as to whether she was fit enough to write and compose her own songs let alone come up with good compositions just like her mother.

But everything has its own time. It has been long but Miracle was not under any pressure. She was waiting upon the Lord to come out at the right time and finally that time is now.

“I should admit that people gave me pressure and at times I was so stressed up feeling like I have failed to live up to their expectations and at the same time I have failed to continue what my mother had left for me. But I realised that God was on my side and that I needed to stand on one pillar – to do what was in me and what God had given me,” the gospel singer said.

Just like some quarters intimated that she was trying hard to copy her mother, Miracle said her mother will always be her inspiration and that “she cannot run away from her style”.

“Some of the things that my mother was doing in her music package I cannot do it but it is my wish to be like her because she was simply the best. She was a good musician and I am striving to be a good musician as well,” Miracle said.

She said God blessed each and every one with a talent and that she respects what God gave her.

“What God gave me is in me and I am sure this talent will not remain the same, it will grow, just like my mother started from somewhere and went all the way to build her name. It was a journey which started with a step and I am doing the same too starting with a step and then I will get there,” Miracle said.

The musician also said it has not been that easy for her to compose the songs, describing it as a “very big challenge”.

“It is always difficult,especially with the first album because you work without experience but God does not give us a talent without clearing the path and this is what He has done with me. This I am sure is just the beginning, there is more to come,” she said.

The year 2020 has been tough for the creative industry due to Covid-19 pandemic. Artists have grounded their projects until things normalise and some musicians have postponed their album launches.

Miracle would have released her debut album earlier but the pandemic affected her as well but God has been by her side and today she is ready to come out and give the world her debut album titled Mwapambana.

Signs of her debut album coming out were there for people to see as she released a number of singles including the title track ‘Mwapambana’ that had people appreciating her works and that she was on the right track.

The 10-track album apart from the title track, has songs such as ‘Ndiyemweuja’, another track that she dropped as a promotional song, ‘Mchipululu’, ‘Kumwamba Nkodabwitsa’, ‘Hossana’, ‘Wamuyaya’, ‘Tilire’, ‘Ndidzakutamandani’, and ‘Mama’.

“All these are my compositions, I have enjoyed working on the songs and I am looking forward to getting feedback from people. Of course, I got feedback from the other promotional songs I dropped but this is a collection now,” Miracle said.

The album has been produced, mixed and engineered by DJ Lobodo at Lobodo Records in South Africa.

“To say the truth, since my mother passed on, I have had that feeling that I could produce my own songs as Miracle Chinga,” she said.

The youthful gospel musician revealed that she produced the songs in 2018 but a lot of developments have delayed the process including the pandemic.

“But in everything I thank God because He will always be there for us in thick or thin. He makes a way where there is no way and He has just done that and here I am talking about my first album,” she said.

She admits once again that the journey has not been easy for her.

“I will keep on thanking God and then my mother for this path. All what I have done today in coming up with my album it is all God and then my mother. Again, my siblings have helped me and my church – Full Gospel and last but not least to people for the support,” Miracle said.

Miracle said it has also been a challenge for her in that during live performances, people have been requesting for her own compositions although she also had a challenge of performing her mother’s songs.

“When people listen to the songs, they should brace for blessings. These are songs that are there to give hope, songs that have testimonies and these are songs that will speak to your heart and all I can say is that let people receive it. Some of the messages in the songs are drawn from the Book of Hebrews 11 vs 1-3,” she said.

Her journey in the gospel music landscape has seen her travelling to South Africa with her brother Steve Spesho where she has held shows and has also had stints performing in a number of platforms in the country including at Sand Music Festival in Salima last year.

For Miracle, there are more steps to make in the gospel music industry but for now, she has Mwapambana as a gift to the world.

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