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The music industry has, in a society that peddles the card of male chauvinism, traditionally been regarded as one of the masculine privileges, so much so that, save for gospel music, rare are the occasions when women take a lead in the music.

It is as if men have conspired to keep women away from “serious” matters such as providing leading vocals and composing songs.

Chikondi Suleman, wife to Nyasa Music Company Chief Executive Officer Daudi, chose to differ with such conceptions through, not verbal tirades but, music and dance during a Find Codi music album media launch at Al Pacino in Blantyre on Wednesday.


This was the culmination of a media project that started five years ago.

The musician, backed by a six-member band, performed ‘Mwezi Uwale’, ‘Nanjiri’, ‘Sondela’, ‘Tukuka’, ‘Wamisala’, among other songs.

Chikondi said in an interview that she is fluent in three languages such as Zulu (South Africa), Shona (Zimbabwe) and Chichewa (Malawi), giving her the opportunity to drift from one language to another, one issue to another and, when the time is right, one country to another as she explores issues that are purely African.


“I think that [being fluent in several African languages] gives me the advantage of relating to issues in a broader context, enabling me to use language to reach out to a wider audience. Music lovers in Malawi and other countries can, therefore, relate well to my message,” Chikondi said.

She said she wants to keep Malawians entertained by playing music that resonates with the past as well as new music that enlivens the musical experience.

“We will give Malawians a variety of songs and we are here to stay. We will offer people a different experience,” Chikondi said.

Speaking during the launch, Suleman said Find Codi marks the resurgence of Nyimbo Music Company, which has been relatively quiet of late.

“As Nyimbo Music Company, we will put everything in promoting her (Chikondi). We are back in serious business and people should expect a lot of activity from us,” Suleman said.

Speaking about Find Codi, Suleman said the band had been working on the songs in the past five years; no wonder, the tracks are more than ten!

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