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Find lasting solution to albino attacks

The international community is, understandably, concerned, disturbed and shocked at Malawi’s indifferent response to the man-made national crisis that is the gruesome murder of persons with albinism.

The United Nations (UN) in Malawi summed up the concerns of the international community through yesterday’s press statement which condemns the resurfacing of the murders, the latest case being that of MacDonald Masambuka, whose body was found on Saturday after he went missing on March 9 in Machinga District.

The UN has, therefore, called for the redoubling of efforts in the implementation of the National Action Plan, which addresses the root causes of these inhuman and senseless attacks, through, among other activities, awareness campaigns.

But should it really take international organisations to remind Malawians that murdering someone on the ground of their skin pigment is primitive, uncalled for and unacceptable in this day and age?

Ironically, the UN’s call came two days after Information Minister, Nicholas Dausi, during the funeral of Masambuka, insensitively threw political correctness into the equation by faulting donor agencies for frustrating enforcement of capital punishment on those convicted of murdering persons with albinism.

The minister’s remarks were merely about skirting around real issues and just proved that the country’s biggest problem is politics and politicians. Urgency on matters of national concern is only made when such issues affect the elite, including politicians and their business partners.

The government should be ashamed that, up to now, it has failed to uncover the market of this sickening trade, let alone dealing with this crisis once and for all.

Reports linking the murders to the police and medical practitioners suggest that there is a thriving market somewhere in the country. As the Association of People with Albinism rightly observed, this sickening market is being driven by demand and supply forces.

But asking the government to deal with these senseless attacks is not asking for too much. Capital Hill does not even need to reinvent the wheel on this urgent matter, for neighbouring countries such as Tanzania dealt with this once and for all by banning all witch-doctors.

Malawi, too, can find its own lasting solutions to the murders of our brothers and sisters and make this country the Warm Heart of Africa again!

Instead of launching the so-called development projects every week, Peter Mutharika should, for once, be decisive, roll up his sleeves, summon the army and the police, deploy them and comb the country to rid it of ruthless murderers who are on the prowl.

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