Firm advocates private wealth management

DUNGA—We should achieve financial inclusion

Investment management and advisory firm, Nico Asset Managers has rolled out a programme advocating private wealth creation and management for Malawians.

Through the initiative, the firm is offering solutions to enable individuals and families meet life financial goals.

It is aimed at creating awareness on wealth creation and sound financial management.


The initiative is a complement of the Reserve Bank of Malawi-championed financial inclusion drive.

Through the initiative, Nico Asset Managers is earmarked to be helping individuals define their goals, understanding one’s risk appetite and structuring an investment strategy to help them achieve their goals while managing their risk of investment.

Nico Asset Managers Chief Investment Officer, Daniel Dunga, told journalists that the firm is positioned to demystify financial matters for all Malawians to get involved.


“When we talk about asset management and wealth creation, it is big words that scare people. This whole process is to demystify that and say that it is for everyone,” Dunga said.

He said through the programme, the firm intends to go miles in ensuring people are able to create and systematically manage their wealth.

Dunga said the firm has outlined a five-step wealth management process which individuals would be using with the firm’s technical support.

The steps include getting to know yourself, setting goals, building portfolio, executing the plan and keeping updated and control.

“We want financial inclusion to go as far as it could. We should achieve financial inclusion at all the other levels. We want to go as far as we can,” Dunga said.

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