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Players in the hospitality industry are being tipped to tighten security in tourist facilities to improve revenue the country gets from the sector.

Founder of Put Foot Rally, Darny Hillmouse, made the call at Livingstonia Beach in Salima over the weekend during a meeting that attracted various stakeholders in the industry.

The Put Foot Rally is a gathering of philanthropists from across the globe touring Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and Malawi.


They travel across the nations in 18 days bringing hope to vulnerable children.

Commenting on the tourism industry in the country, when compared to the other countries, Hillmouse said Malawi is doing fairly well.

“The rally is a traditional camping budget and when we compare what players in the hospitality industry in Malawi are offering to other countries, there is not much difference,” Hillmouse said.


He, however, pointed out the need to intensify security measures.

“To be honest, for an event organiser like myself, your participants’ safety comes first and that, is why we have been coming to Livingstonia Beach for the past seven years,” Hillmouse said.

According to management of Sunbird Livingstonia, the rally will boost their returns.

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