Firms challenged on quality output


By Tiyese Monjeza:

Minister of Industry, Roy Kachale, has challenged local companies to be producing high quality products to penetrate the international market.

He said manufacturers should prioritise acquiring modern machinery for processing raw materials such as hides into leather, thereby saving forex.


Kachale was speaking on Saturday at Liwonde in Machinga District when he visited Trogon Trading Limited, a shoe manufacturing company.

“Local companies should scale up their production and acquire machinery in line with the fast changing modern technology. This will be in line with our goals to be exporting more goods.

“We have potential to compete on the global market and that is the reason government is creating a conducive environment for easy growth of local businesses,” Kachale said.


Trogon Trading Managing Director, Mohan Suresh Kumar, appealed to the government to support local companies by prioritising procurement of goods and services from local firms.

“Our appeal as local investors is that the government start trusting locally made products. For example, we have shoe manufacturing companies but it will be hard for us to grow if government continues to purchase shoes for police officers and other security agencies abroad,” Kumar said.

He further asked the government to put measures that would help curb illegal leather export which he said is frustrating production of locally made leather products.

Trogon Trading which was launched in 2019 has 31 employees.

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