Fish in dry ponds


Microsoft abandoned its smartphone environment, Windows Phone in January 2020 and made a historical move, a foray into Android Smartphones.

This far, how has Microsoft faired in its adventure outside its comfort zone? Read on.

Microsoft fulfilled its promise and launched the Android Surface Duo smartphone late last year. Based on ‘bendable’ device design philosophy, the Surface Duo employed an ‘intelligent’ hinge other than making the OLED screen laboriously bend.


With a launch price of $1,400, the Surface Duo joined the ranks of Samsung Z Fold2. So far so good.

Soon after the Surface Duo went on sale, retailers were haunted with a lot of unsold stocks of the product; in unpretentious business prose, the Surface Duo was not selling.

The early adopters found some teething problem with the product. Some bugs that showed up at launch went on for a long time without being patched.


While Android 11 was available when the product debuted, Microsoft, with a dose of impunity, launched the Surface Duo preloaded with rusty Android 10.

While techie pundits would have expected Microsoft to compensate that software deficiency with hardware recompense, the company went ahead to mount yet another out-of-date 2019 Snapdragon 855 with no 5G support.

Retailers don’t tie money in unmoving stock; something had to give. Microsoft slashed the price by a whopping $400. That was too little too late. Why would anybody buy the Surface Duo with much inferior software and hardware ecosystem than the iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy S21 that had introduction prices as low as $699?

Amazon upped the wager and lowered the price to alluring $800. Prospective customers remained unyielding. Turnover-oriented outlets throw in another $700 price-tag ante and nothing seemed to change.

One thing is for sure, Microsoft’s Android gamble is an adventure of some comical fish jumping high from well-filled dam into some dry pod.

Microsoft has three options; forget about Duo Surface and life goes on. Try another Android product with the right price tag and impressive specifications. Or Like LG, exit the Android market altogether.

Let me cut the prate and just say that Microsoft should save us some trouble and just exist the smartphone world. There are so many things that the company is good at other than making smartphones it soon kills. Hello!

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