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With Marshal John Mdeza:

We now live in a world where there is so much awareness about health issues. For those that have crossed the 50-year mark, like me, it is time to cut out on ice-cream and coke consumption; and regular exercises becomes more important than ever. What are the measuring rods? You may be asking. Read on.

There are a lot of fitness tracking band based devices out there. However, Garmin Vovosmart HR caught my fancy. It is a 1.1 inch LCD wrist watch-like device that counts steps taken (converting that into distance), measures the amount of sleep and calories consumed and burnt.


Vivosmart HR syncs with Android, iPhone and Windows smartphones. This means that the devices pair with literally any smartphone out there. To put it artistically; it is not discriminatory. All you need is to install an app for your kind of smartphone.

The device measures your heart rate at the wrist 24/7. Using this measurement, the fitness tracker calculates the amount of calories consumed and burnt, thereby letting you know the intensity of your fitness activities. It measures floors climbed and monitors your performance against activity goals recommended by health authorities.

The Vivosmart HR uses artificial intelligence to learn your current activity levels and assigns you attainable daily step goals and as soon as a goal is achieved, it adjusts it for the next day and eventually pushing you towards a healthier life style.


It automatically pairs with your smartphone and updates the app throughout the day and informs you the amount of calories consumed against the amount burnt and where the balance is not maintained, encourages you to take a walk and reduce inactivity.

The tiny touchscreen is sunlight visible as it is trans-reflective. Fully charged, the battery lets the tracker work tirelessly for five days. The device has enough memory to keep activity tracking data for 14 days.

How much does it cost? It depends where you get it? Most of the online shops let you have the Garmin Vivosmart HR for $122, however the online store Amazon is able to discount it up to $79.

So, what does the Vivosmart HR measure in real terms? The thing is that getting older can be a less pleasant adventure; the body may not be able to process all the sugar in our tea, beverages and processed food. There is need to either consume less processed sugars or burn it through exercise. This device tells you how you are doing on this.

Because the device measures heart rate, it can tell you if your blood pressure is high enough to trigger a stroke.

Enough and quality sleep is very important. The device calculates the number of hours of sleep each day and through your smartphone app, lets you know if your sleep is peaceful or not.

I recommend the Vivosmart HR to all older men that are currently running for the presidency.

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