Flowers of Independence


I am here at this Independence Gala. I am here dancing to the great sounds of our popular local artists. Yeah, this is a historic show as I am surrounded by friends and long time comrades. The sound is enhanced by dazzling lights and bubbles too. The stage is massive courtesy of Entertainers Promotions.

New song

The people’s band Black Missionaries fondly known as Ma Blacks are in the world of their own tonight. The recent Kuimba 10 album which has received a lot of comments and also caused controversy features this new song ‘Tizingocheza.’


Yeah, countryfolks, I am listening and dancing to this song. For once the song brings to the dance floor both patrons in favour and critical of this masterpiece.

There is excitement and euphoria. Some of the Rastas are outside of course feeling irie! I am dancing to this tune but in reality I am hearing some other song too.

I am hearing a new tune of our Independence . Fifty one years of Independence means a lot to me and I hope to all Malawians.


I celebrate our Independence as a patriot. I celebrate our Independence as a true son of the soil.

This new song is reminding me of voices of dissent on the land. These voices are rising doubting about the fruits of our independence. They claim that the country still is lagging behind and is still on its knees begging.

They claim that there is massive corruption. They claim that our leaders are full of ego. Then critics are shouting on top of their voices that there is gross abuse of power in our land that is supposed to flow with milk and honey. Yeah, countryfolks, the Warm Heart of Africa, Malawi.


I beg to respect these voices of dissent as I am dancing to this new tune of our independence I am hearing from a distance. This new tune is coming from the past. Yeah, it is coming from the ancestors. I am hearing a song that is saying to me about a Malawi that is on the move to greater economic heights. I am hearing a song that is saying Malawi will never be the same 50 years from now. I am hearing the melodies of a new revolution calling our future generations to wake up and move as one nation.

I am hearing a new tune stating that forget the neo-colonialism and the World Bank new world order. I am hearing a new tune on the land to forget the International Monetary Fund(IMF) and its economic systems that make the rich become richer and the poor get poorer by the day. Yeah, countryfolks, this new song of independence echoes with the scramble for Africa at the Berlin Conference. It echoes with the sounds of colonialism and mental captivity our people have experienced over the years.

As I dance, I am reminded of the new world order. I am reminded of those who are against us and would like us to continue to beg and kneel before them crying for debt cancellation and of course aid. More aid. More donor aid. More loans, Countryfolks, loans which will be paid back by posterity.

Yeah, countryfolks, I am still hopeful that one day we will all wake up from the slumber and face a new dawn. Yeah, we will cherish our independence with hope that those entrusted with leadership position to serve us will follow this calling. Yeah. To serve the people before self. To put our nation as one nation. To promote national unity in its fullest context.


As I dance I am reminded of peace. Yeah, country folks I beg to differ with those who are only looking at materialism. I beg to differ with those who are always skeptical of our leaders and those in authority.

We have peace in this Warm Heart of Africa, Malawi. We have peace. Peace can be elusive. Once peace is lost it can never be regained. Peace is flagile. We need as a nation to safeguard the peace, law and order that has prevailed for all these 51 years of our independence.

We know of the so called rich and developed nations that have almost all the glory of the world. They have blue diamond, oil, nuclear and atomic energy, high digital technology and are master of scientific research but lack peace.

Their people do not sleep at night. They sleep with guns behind the pillow. They live in electric-barbed houses. They are afraid yet they have the wealth. Their souls are empty. They lack humanity. They live like zombies amidst their wealth.

Countryfolks, the new song of independence I have just heard from the ancestors is calling upon us to safeguard our peace. Yeah, we may be poor but we have the peace.

Dedicated to all unsung soldiers of the revolution in Malawi, 51 years down independence avenue.

Aluta continua….

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