Food for thought on football coaches polls

NOT INTERESTED—Bob Mpinganjira

By Bravo Hussein Chiperesa:

As the National Football Coaches Football Association (NCFA) is destined to go to polls on Saturday, there are some crucial issues which should be critically looked into.

The first is the constitution, which is the mother of all problems coaches are encountering leading to dwindling standards of the game.


The constitution should change to stop Football Association of Malawi (Fam) and NCFA itself from handling coaches’ elections rather than assisting in guidance.

Let there be an independent electoral college headed by a judge with members from the Malawi National Council of Sports and yet-to-be decided bodies and individuals.

Such gesture should apply to all Fam affiliates’ elections.


This suggestion is coming because, during every affiliates’ elections, Fam is accused of imposing candidates to be voted into certain positions.

This is done so that Fam should get favours in return when the national football body goes to polls since delegates from Fam affiliates vote at the elections.

Then there is a need for the constitution to have a clause barring NCFA sitting committee from organising and running elections in which they are also candidates.

Candidates, who are believed to be involved in mismanagement of funds in or out of the association should not be allowed to compete in elections.

All required documents and information should be made available to the candidates and the public at least a month before elections.

This is to enable delegates to digest and make decisive decisions.

The coaches’ body should also ensure that its constitution accommodates clauses of formation of subcommittees of technical, welfare and legal.

The technical committee shall be responsible for football standards. Problems being faced by coaches now are going to be taken care of by the Welfare Committee. All matters related to court issues to be handled by legal committee.

The issue of nomination should be critically considered because it arrests candidates into the cells of affiliates and it encourages corruption. This should be done openly for the public to know; otherwise, money is allegedly and seriously changes hands.

The issue of manifesto should not come from an individual but candidates should follow affiliates, to ask them about what they require the candidates do as a matter of football development.

The football fraternity should tell the candidates about all football shortfalls for rectification. The candidates should sign the bond for any failure.

Therefore, the incoming committee should get prepared to work differently from the outgoing one by embracing and bundling all coaches together for a united strong association.

Besides, NCFA should endeavour to encourage all coaches to affiliate with the body.

Finally, Malawian football coaches should be aware that they are greatly responsible for both good and dull standards of football in the country.

They have a huge role to play in our game. The coaches committee should therefore demand all sorts of help from Fam at all times.

Fam should realise that the Malawi National Football Team qualified for Afcon three times under the tutelage of local coaches. Therefore, NCFA should convince Fam to invest in local coaches.—The author is a Caf A Licence holder.

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