Football disputes drop


Official football disputes between Super League teams and their players decreased from 15 to five in the just ended season representing 67 percent decrease.

According to Football Players Association (FPA), most complaints revolved around non-payment of signing-on fees.

However, FPA General Secretary Ernest Mangani said the results might not be a true reflection as there are fears that some players failed to report cases opting to suffer in silence.


“Cases have dropped from 15 in the previous season [2021] to about five in the season just ended [2022]. We know there could have been more but players are dying in silence.

“They fear that if the report to us, they will face sanctions at their clubs. But on the other hand we can say that teams have started to treat players better hence the reduction,” he said.

Mangani said during the just ended season, FPA received complaints from its members and non-members.


“Complaints to do with non-members were not dealt with obviously until a particular claimant completed membership application process and paid their annual subscriptions currently at K6,000 per annum.

“Complaints that we dealt with mostly involved non-payment of signing on fees. Most claimants claimed that their teams had not fulfilled their promises.

For example, one player whose contract was terminated by a team [name withheld] complained that the team had undertaken to pay signing on fees in instalments which never happened.

We engaged the team and the matter was resolved,” he said. Mangani also sympathised with the clubs saying the economic environment was difficult to operate in.

“Teams have tried to be up to date in terms of monthly upkeep and salaries although in some teams, players are still owed in bonuses,” he said.

However, former Flames midfielder Sherry Msuku advised players to learn to voice out their problems through the right channels.

“They should not be suffering in silence but speak out. However, players should also be not cheated with verbal agreements; they should ask for written documentation. Most of these clubs lie to the players through verbal arrangements. This is also the time players should realise the importance of using managers and affiliating to the right bodies,” he said.

Last week two players Bongani Kaipa and Francis Mlimbika dragged their former side, Mighty Mukuru Wanderers, to court demanding K44 million in outstanding arrears.

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