Football madness on display


There are some Super League teams who are bent on throwing the league into total chaos as it approaches its final stage.

Recently, we read in the press about the madness that was demonstrated by MTV Max Bullets in Lilongwe when they decided to cause an abandonment of a game in protest of the goal scored by Epac FC that cancelled their lead barely 19 minutes into the game.

Max Bullets have proved to be the worst team in the league as they languish at the bottom of the log table with eight points from 20 games.


It is even a waste of time for them to be praying for a miracle not to be relegated to the Premier Division.

If there are doubting Thomases out there they can ask the numbers that have been coming to watch their games, they are ready to testify.

As if that was not enough, there was another high degree of madness during a game involving Malawi Defence Force teams; Moyale Barracks and Mafco played at Mzuzu Stadium on Sunday.


The Mafco soldiers decided to parade one of the biggest joke in the league this season when they marched out of the field of play in protest over the referee’s decision not to award them a penalty.

I cannot understand why in this day and age a team can think of walking out of the pitch in protest when rules are clear that you can play a game under protest if you are not satisfied with a referee’s decision.

We have been reliably told that Super League of Malawi (Sulom) Disciplinary Committee is still soliciting facts before they pass verdicts on the cases.

However, in an era where the league’s stakes have been raised, it is understandable that some teams can display that madness. Every team is gunning to reach the paid up ranks.

But in all fairness, the behaviour showed by these teams is mind -blowing and a shame to the football fraternity.

They need to be told in no uncertain terms that the referee’s decision is final.

Understanding the critical nature of a referee’s role in a soccer match helps players and spectators enjoy the game and avoid committing cardinal mistakes like the ones displayed by Mafco and Max Bullets.

As a football writer, I expect the league to have a perfect finish. It should not be thrown into disarray by a few confused teams.

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