Forget perfection, be a woman


Modernity is good but it has other side effects that have contributed to women losing themselves and forgetting to “just be a woman”. On top of the highly infectious digital revolution, being a woman is faced with pressures to conform to unrealistic modern standards. The goal has become perfection.

Body image

Women look at girls in glossy magazines with perfect skin and perfect curves and hate what they see in the mirror. It is quickly forgotten that digital editing goes into the production of such images. Instead, women spend their days trying to achieve that perfection. Most will make sure they have manicured toes and nails all the time, and ensure that the face is mounted with foundation and eye shadow, fake lashes, high heels and tight fitting clothes always. This cannot be life, can it?


A woman needs to give herself and her body time to breathe, be free and natural. There is no need to constantly stress yourself with the hustle of looking and being perfect. And, by the way, it does not matter how hard you try, you will never be perfect. Perfection is not part of the universe’s plan.

The skinny campaign needs to go as well. I see a lot of these “skinny” and “size zero” campaigns that I actually do not agree with. Everybody is special in their own way. Unless your weight is affecting your health, then it can be a problem, but I do not see the reason why women should stress themselves to slim up just for the sake of seeming perfect. No. Embrace who you are, a woman, beautifully made.



Perfect man? Forget it. Again I shall say that there is nothing perfect on earth. I am not asking you to end up with any Tom, Dick and Harry just because, no; I am asking you to be realistic. There have always been these misconceptions of finding a prince charming that will come out of the blue and sweep you off your feet and turn your whole life into a fairytale. If you are still having these sentiments then you need to wake up, dear woman.

Actually, some less than honourable men prey on these fantasies; they come into your life and act perfect, act like prince charming, act like your whole life will turn into a fairytale as long they are round and, guess what? You will end up gravely disappointed.

Looking for the perfect man is actually a very strenuous way to live life. Think about this; all your friends, family, colleagues and the people around you that you love and get along with, are any of them perfect? Does your mother not become a little bit too protective? Are your best friends not a little pushy? Is it not that colleagues of yours are a little bit nosy? Do you not wish your housemate was a little bit smarter?

Such is life. Perfection does not exist. A perfect man does not exist. Never stress looking for a perfect man or seeking perfection in the one you already have.

The job

Well, we all remember watching those movies when we were teenagers when the working girls looked perfect in their work clothes and the job was amazing. We watched them knock off and get into fancy cars and bask in the glory and working life. Their apartments, too, were a symbol of perfection and simply exquisite. And we sank in helpless admiration and fantasised about the future.

Well, the future is here. And it involves hard work and taking it all head-on. There are no miracles, it takes dedication.

And, even after all the hard work, nothing will be perfect. But things will work out, things will progress and success is achievable. Accept the hard work, accept you will not always look great in your office clothes, and accept you might not have that fancy car and exquisite apartment.

What you need is to embrace the woman in you and build your own life from your realistic vision and the resources at hand. Do not let anyone tell you that you are not good enough and do not let someone weave your success plan from their expectations. Own yourself, own your success. Forget perfection. After all, not being perfect is what makes you human and being human is the beauty of life.


Being a woman is a beautiful thing. Women are passionate and caring people. I think womanhood should always be embraced in its natural sense. Women should not stress themselves in the quest for perfection. Just be, a woman. Beautiful.

I rest my case.

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