Fragile Samsung galaxy gold


Samsung Galaxy Fold’s launch was postponed in April, 2019 because of a terribly huge failure rate and the company was forced to recall the few review units that it had dispatched.

The problem with the bendable tablet/Smartphone combo was the display’s plastic cover which users had mistaken for a factory screen protector.

Samsung reworked the model and corrected the flaw. Samsung Galaxy Fold is back on the market for the price of $2000.


Samsung Galaxy Fold uses the same organic LED display like many other Smartphones.

The difference is that OLED displays for ordinary smartphones are covered with glass to protect them, yet the display for Samsung Fold is covered with plastic so that it can bend.

Because plastic is used, the Samsung Fold display should obviously not look as splashy as that of a Smartphone like Samsung Galaxy 10 or the iPhone 11. You have to trade in looks for phone to be bendable.


As soon as you unboxed Samsung Galaxy Fold, you will be greeted with a ‘constitution’ that governs how you should treat the device.

Law number one is that you should never ever use a screen protector on this gadget. Screen protectors are either plastic or glass.

For a start you can’t surely use a glass display protector on this foldable display; the glass will simply break as you bend the device. Plastic screen protector on top of a plastic display will just make it less readable.

You are required to handle the device extremely careful; keep it away from dust and water. The truth is that it is neither dust nor water resistant. It is not an iPhone 11 that affords you the audacity to submerge it into a four meters deep water pool.

The screen is softer and foldable and not as stone-hard as a glass display. Because of this tenderness, you are not supposed to press hard on the screen. If you do, you may damage the screen.

All this is a confession that this is not the kind of touch screen that children should be left to fiddle with. Keep it away from children just as good as you do with medicine.

When you close the gadget by folding it inwards, the device uses strong magnetism to hold the gadget in that position. If the gadget is placed near magnetic items like credit cards or ATM cards, the Samsung Galaxy Fold can lose its magnetism and snap open. This could happen inside your pocket and violate law number two: it is not dust resistant.

If you are unfortunate and the display ‘shatters’ before your disbelieving eyes, Samsung will not replace it for free even within the one year warranty period. You will need to shell out $149 for Samsung to effect repairs.

If that happens outside the warranty period, expect some ridiculous charge from Samsung.

What shall we then say about these things? Samsung Galaxy Fold is very expensive and is ‘emotional’ and difficult to look after.

Perhaps Samsung is asking for too much.

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