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From Priscilla’s Chest: Life is a competition


Life has always been a competition. From time immemorial, humans have lived a life of competition.

From the brothers who competed to please God and which resulted in the death of Abel to this time around when competition is in classrooms, on the track field, in boardrooms, on the war front and many more. All this is because humans earlier on shoved the idea of being at the same par.

Ever since then, humans have been in competition in a lot of things. These include wars, hunting, search for a partner, work and many more.


It is due to competition that life has evolved so much in the recent past. Talk of some of the notable discoveries and inventions that have ended up making human life easier; the telephone, the computer, the automobile and many medicines which have eradicated very dangerous diseases.

All this is because somebody set up a goal for themselves to stand out among many. They worked hard in order to achieve what no one has achieved. And along the way, they got so much competition because somebody else somewhere also wanted to achieve it first.

However, coming closer to home, everyday there is stiff competition among peers, friends, families, companies and even government.


Much as competition strives to bring out the best among others, but it has also ruined relationships. In the quest to get a better job, a better sale, a better life, competition has shattered lives. You find families that have severed ties due to competition. A brother who did not like it that his sister got way ahead of him in the education ladder.

A friend who stopped talking to his own bestie because they bought a Mercedes Benz first. Such silent but vital competition ruins family and friends.

It is very sad to note that in a desire to progress their own personal lives, people do not know that a silent competition ensues between them and their family or friends.

And usually, when it comes to personal development, people will always confuse it as competition when in actual fact, you are just trying hard to become a better and more progressive person than you were before.

With social media and the art of updating ones status, friends online will always regard your depictions as a way of rubbing it in their face, demeaning them for being failures as you go up the ladder. This therefore leads to jealousy and some have even been murdered for emerging the best among their peers at school or at work.

Lazy people often do not take it well when it comes to competition. In sports circles, all competitors actually know the day and time when they will have to showcase how good they are, and usually put in all their energies to prepare.

However in other circles, the chance is not there. Ladies will always try to dress best just to win a partner, an interview will be carried out just to pick the best employee, at the market the one with the best goods will always get all the customers, in class the best student will always be top of the class and the best price will always get the contract.

What people must know is that life will always be a competition. Life will never be fair to all. It takes those with a competitive edge and hard work to do better in life and emerge winners.

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