Fuggie Kasipa makes comeback


Veteran musician Fuggie Kasipa famed for songs such as ‘Ukanene’, in which he collaborated with Njati Njedede, has reappeared with a new track titled ‘Keep Moving’.

The artist, who has been out of the limelight for more than 10 years, said Wednesday he is back and determined to record more songs.

“It has been a long time and some people have been saying I am out of music but I am still in it. So, this is a comeback and total rebranding,” Kasipa said Wednesday.


He said ‘Keep on Moving’ is a reggae song of hope.

“For those who have listened to this track, they will attest that the style is different. A lot has changed. I remember we used to do love songs then but the reception was not that lively compared to what is there now,” the old-timer, who has starred with several musicians over the years including Sally Nyundo, said.

He commended the current generation of artists for their creativity and that they have breathed life into love songs, which are on top of the bill now.


“Young people are creative, no doubt about that, and this is why I have also changed my concept. This is all about reviving my artistry and I remain faithful to my art,” Kasipa said.

The artist said he wants to use music to bring hope to people and that despite experiencing various challenges, “we will overcome”.

“Let us not lose hope; God is in control of everything. Some challenges are there just to test our faith; otherwise, there is always light at the end of the tunnel,” Kasipa said.

He said he will be releasing singles for now.

“I cannot talk about an album now but I can assure you that I have more songs and, having dropped one, people should watch the space for more. I am also looking at producing videos. I also want to go back to the stage but I will announce this later,” Kasipa said.

Over the years, Kasipa has been in the limelight releasing albums such as Male Golide (1999) which has songs such as ‘Wamwera Zandiwo’, ‘Simon’ and ‘Sugar Sugar’.

The other albums are Udzingonenepa (2002) enveloped with songs like ‘Wandiwona Bwa’ and ‘Ndikuchengete’, Ukanene (2004) and Wamkulu Wanga (2007).

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