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According to BBC Click, Donald Trump has banned purchase and use of Chinese made drones. The controversial president says that he fears some of these drones may be pre-installed with spying devices.

This is the very reason Donald Trump put forward for the ban of Huawei networking and telecommunication equipment in US projects.

According to Click, there is a more plausible reason why Trump seems to hate Chinese technology; Beijing is well advanced technologically in certain areas and Trump is simply envious.


By banning use of drones from China, Trump wants to slowdown or even stop the infiltration of Chinese Technology in America. This will give enough time for US Scientists and technologists to catch up with their Chinese counterparts.

How advanced are drones in China? A lot!.

Experiments are underway in china to use drones to transport people within short distances. There are already functional prototypes drones that are capable of carrying more than 150 kilograms at speeds of 125 kilometers per hour.


That entails a flying taxi that can carry three people and the Chinese are not usually as huge as the Americans. Imagine for a moment that your flight has touched down at KIA and three minutes later you find yourself in Blantyre after being catapulted there by a drone.

The Chinese are also testing the delivery of items like drinking water using drones. Bottled water is serious business in china, so, we are told. The problem is that deliveries are done using tricycles and that can cause all sorts of delays.

By using drones, families will be able to order water on their smartphones while already seated on the dining table for a meal and in no time the water will be dropped at their doorsteps.

Before the era of burst in the 1990s, there was this talk about the death of traditional grocery shops. We were told that everything would be ordered via the internet and delivered to people’s homes. That never happened; while the internet and online shopping was indeed there, there was no corresponding fast delivery services on the ground.

Now that drones are here, the other side of the equation is complete. Drones don’t use our congested and potholed roads. This will make deliveries much faster.

Drones are the future of technology. Forget about driverless cars; we have talked about those for too long yet they haven’t had much impact.

Watch Donald Trump language; sometimes he is simply saying China is well ahead.

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