Gate revenue feud

Teams gang up against Fam, Malawi National Council of Sports

Albert Chigoga

At least half of the 16 teams in the country’s top flight TNM Super League have agreed to the proposal to have Malawi National Council of Sports (MNCS) and Football Association of Malawi (Fam) removed from the list of stadia gate share collectors.

All the country’s top teams Nyasa Big Bullets, Mighty Mukuru Wanderers, Silver Strikers and Blue Eagles have already endorsed the proposal.

The agreement was made during the first Gate Management Review meeting where Sulom secretariat officials were also present


In separate interviews, Bullets Administrative Officer Albert Chigoga said the current situation is perpetuating financial problems among local teams.

“We can’t continue like this; it is like the government is double-dipping by collecting the 5 percent through Malawi National Council of Sports as well as stadium revenue, making teams who are struggling to manage players and members of the technical panel suffer. Teams are going through hard times financially, hence the proposal to make them completely scrap it off or reduce their gate percentage,” he said

Wanderers spokesperson Ernest Maganga concurred, wondering why both Fam and MNCS get a share of gate collections.


“First of all, why do we still allow these two institutions to continue getting gate shares from Super League matches. It’s like we, teams, are funding them. What role does Fam play at the matches for them to get a share of gate collections? “It is my plea that both the government and Fam must stop getting gate collection shares if we, teams, have to prosper or we continue suffering,” he said

Eagles General Secretary Solomon Mchawi also echoed the sentiments.

“Our stand, as Blue Eagles, is that the cuts that government and Fam get from the stadia must be scrapped off because teams are currently going through hard times financially and this plea is a welcome development. I hope they will take heed of our proposal,” he said

Meanwhile, Super League of Malawi (Sulom) President Tiya Somba Banda has confirmed receiving the teams’ proposal.

“Yes, all teams’ representatives agreed to have this share by Sports Council and Fam scrapped off or reduced, citing hard economic times the teams are facing,” he said.

Fam General Secretary Alfred Gunda said the issue needed to be tackled soberly to benefit all stakeholders.

“We take note of the suggestion which comes after a review and clear thought process to make a recommendation for the review of the policy that established the distribution.

“The rationale will definitely have to guide the way forward, including contributing to service delivery for the game, for the benefit of all stakeholders,” he said.

Sports Council spokesperson Edgar Ntulumbwa said they were yet to get a copy of the proposal.

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