Gidess Chalamanda’s shop ready by September

HELP INTACT — Chalamanda draws an allowance of K50,000

FDH Financial Holdings has said the foundation works for the grocery it had promised to legendary musician Gidess Chalamanda was in progress.

FDH has since indicated that the grocery will be operational by September this year.

The institution’s Public Relations Officer Lorraine Lusinje, said Thursday that their commitment to support and promote Chalamanda’s welfare remained intact.


She said they invested K2 million towards Chalamanda and that K500 000 was already disbursed to him in June.

“He draws an allowance of K50 000 monthly and the remaining K1.5 million is being used to build the grocery and provide the initial stock up,” Lusinje said.

She said that the shop will also be used as a Banki Pakhomo Agent for continued support.


“We will also offer basic management training to

ensure the business is run efficiently,” she said.

Lusinje also added that on top of everything FDH was also looking at Chalamanda’s healthcare needs which were being catered for through Namadingo.

Namadingo announced the support from FDH to the veteran musician through a reggae mash up which he collaborated with Chalamanda.

In the mash-up, Namadingo, who has done a number of mash ups with musicians including Soldier Lucius Banda and Black Missionaries also asked Chalamanda to retire from music.

Chalamanda however, was recently interviewed in the media where he indicated that he was still struggling with life.

With support from FDH, Namadingo has also assisted up and coming artist Made See real name Medson Kapeni pumping in K2 million.

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