Giving up on corruption fight is dangerous—Mejn


Malawi Economic Justice Network (Mejn) has said although it is clear that the country’s fight against corruption is not inspiring, giving up on the fight is more dangerous for the country.

Mejn Executive Director, Dalitso Kubalasa, said there are all indications that people no longer trust the country’s anti-corruption drive and they are slowly resigning to fate.

But Kubalasa said quitting the fight against graft, just because some few people benefitting from the vice have decided to deliberately disturb the systems that facilitate the fight, is not a better solution and such a stance will push Malawi into difficult-to-reverse socio-economic chaos.


“It is obvious that the fight against corruption in the country is not inspiring and people have all the reasons to lose hope in this battle. Many Malawians are even giving up on the fight because it is clear that the systems that were established to facilitate the fight are not working and some few selfish people continue enjoying the vice. But the cost of us not doing anything will be too much on the country. We need to do something as citizens to stop the few selfish people from destroying the country,” Kubalasa said.

He told the Council for Non Governmental Organisation in Malawi (Congoma) policy papers dissemination conference on Wednesday night that there is a lot of business as usual which is making Malawi a 52-year-old baby whose vision is not even clear.

Kabalasa said getting to the basics of integrity, making smart investments and upholding the rule of law are some of the ways that the country can embrace to deal with corruption.


“Almost everybody is expecting somebody to fight this battle but who is this somebody? Let’s stop glorifying mediocrity. Let’s stop glorifying these thieves and rise up against corruption. We have to build coalition in ensuring accountability. We can’t afford to let few people move our country into a lawless nation,” he said.

NGO Gender Coordinating Network Chairperson, Emma Kaliya, said corruption has made Malawi on undesirable country to live in and every Malawian is contributing to the mess.

“We continue staying here because we were born here and this is our country. Otherwise, we would be outside by now. But each one of us, including the civil society, is to blame for the mess we are in. When we say we need to act on the challenges that the country is experiencing, you find some people who call themselves activists coiling and saying they will not say anything. Everything is not working and we cannot continue staying in this manner,” Kaliya said.

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