Go drought-resistant, Cisanet recommends


The Civil Society Agriculture Network (Cisanet) says farmers may still be able to save themselves from emerging food shortages through the planting of drought resistant crops such as cassava and sweet potatoes that require minimal rainfall.

Speaking in an interview on Wednesday, Cisanet executive director Tamani Nkhono Mvula said the erratic rains in Malawi so far means the country will experience another low yield this year which will eventually lead to continued hunger.

“I think we are going to have challenges. In as far as food is concerned; we may have a huge challenge on production output. The outlook does not look good for maize production,” he said.


Nkhono-Mvula suggested intensification in planting alternative drought resistant crops to avert the challenges ahead.

Some farmers interviewed in some areas around Blantyre rural have asked the government and other stakeholders to support them with seed and planting materials for drought resistant crops so that they plant in good time before the end of the rainy season.

“We need the alternative crops immediately,” said one of the farmers.


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