Golfer Aniz hits hole in one in social round


Six handicapped golfer Ismail Aniz made history after on sunday hitting a hole in one during a social round at Blantyre Sports Club (BSC).

Aniz saw his driver on a par four hole number 16, bounced on to the green and rolled straight into the hole. Hole 16 is 258 metres long meaning Aniz carried his ball in the air for that long before landing it onto the green.

Professional Golfers Association of Malawi coach Dingaan Chirwa said records at BSC board shows that this is the first time for a golfer to hit a hole in one at the venue.


“Off my head, I do not believe more than 15 golfers in Malawi carry a ball for more than 250 metres. Aniz’s shot on Sunday is unique! This makes it the shot of week,” he said.

A hole-in-one is a shot played once from the starting point (tee box) straight into the hole. Hitting this type of shot is every golfer’s dream. A hole-in-one is an insurable accident. It is known as an accident as one cannot wake up one day and just decide he is going to get it on that day. It is an accident that happens once in a lifetime.

Chirwa said for a golfer to get a hole-in-one, that golfer must have enough strength to hit the ball and cover the distance to get to the hole.


“Hole-in-ones are therefore achieved on par threes because of their short distance from tee box to the hole,” he said.

Aniz said it was a dream come true.

“Even though it was just a social round due to safety restrictions I am still excited. It is a dream for every golfer to hit a hole in one,” he said.

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