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Goodall Gondwe, Kondwani Nankhumwa must tell truth only


Our leaders shamelessly believe that their actions cannot be questioned; they tell a lie, wake up the next day to change the version and eventually would have more lies to tell.

The unsuspecting Malawians would usually be quiet, not knowing where to go to and have their grievances heard and after sometime, the issues are forgotten and life goes on.

It is a sequence like this that has been repeated countless times and it will always be the case.


Amidst this kind of chaos, the media has done well to side with ordinary Malawians and question what is not right.

We all know that Goodall Gondwe has been lying in this K4 billion saga whose origins are criminal in nature. The old Goodall has shifted goal posts regarding the source of the money. Old Goodall has gone to an extent of claiming that it is a surplus yet we all know Malawi has never had a surplus with all the borrowing well documented. But this is not the first time that Goodall has been involved in something questionable. Politicians like Goodall have benefitted from Malawians’ forgetfulness but that does not mean the records are deleted.

At some point, our great grandsons and daughters will go through the records to understand how our country was messed up by few people.


Instead of giving the media a blackout, the right thing Goodall was expected to do was to tell Malawians the truth but we would be surprised if Goodall did that honourable thing.

Indeed the Minister of Finance might think people will easily forget this scandal if he gave the media a blackout. The media will continue speaking on behalf of millions of Malawians. These are the very Malawians who will make decisions in 2019.

He is not alone. His partner in crime, Kondwani Nankhumwa, must equally come out in the open and account for his role in the mess for it is his ministry that has shouldered the burden of accommodating the tainted money.

The media cannot be wrong to question something that is wrong. The one who is wrong is the one who is trying to hide the truth and unfortunately, it is the same old Goodall who seems to do everything wrong.

Yes calls for the Anti-Corruption Bureau to act will grow louder but as usual we cannot count on it. Perhaps Goodall would do the right thing but we doubt.

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