Goodall Gondwe laments wastefulness in government


Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, Goodall Gondwe, says there is a lot of wastage in the civil service that is contributing to poor delivery of public services in government.

For instance, Gondwe disclosed that he was stricken to see a fleet of ambulances at one hospital in the north that was left grounded in need of repair while patients were in dire need of referral services.

“Yet the hospital’s travel budget was ridiculously higher than normal,” alleged Gondwe.


“Actually, the hospital received 35 percent of its annual budget in just the first quarter of the fiscal year. But the hospital authorities still could not find it essential to send at least one ambulance for mechanical attention,” said Gondwe.

He says public institutions need to know how to use resources responsibly and avoid wasting public funds on non-essential things like travel while critical services suffer.

“This must stop,” said Gondwe.


Goodall also admitted that there is lack of expenditure monitoring mechanism at all levels of government structures.

The Public Finance Management System reforms propose automatic funding ceilings that will prevent any institution from spending more than allocated to ensure fiscal discipline.

Gondwe says some of the proposed controls are not yet functional.

On expenditure cuts to be implemented, Gondwe said the whole cabinet will have to agree where to cut.

“It is about looking at the whole budget in its entirety and see which areas,” he said.

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