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Google knocks on Huawei’s door

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It all started in 2018 when Trump administration tentatively banished Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro Smartphone from the USA market.

The government banned the United States (US)telecommunication operators from promoting or marketing Huawei’s beautiful smartphone.

It was comparable to a father stopping his daughter from getting married to some man for reasons known to neither the bride nor the bridegroom but for motives best understood by the father.

Trump suspected that Huawei’s telecommunication equipment embedded Chinese surveillance technology that stole US’s secrets.

Huawei was also alleged to have secretly imported its telecommunication equipment from US facilities to Iran and North Korea, both places that are no-go zones from USA products.

Trump has not provided the burden of proof beyond any reason doubt for these allegations.

There is a section of the technology world that has opinioned that these are simply Trump’s trumped-up charges. The real reason is that the USA president is not happy that the Chinese are leading in certain areas; Huawei is, for example, more advanced in 5G networks.

In 2019, Huawei unveiled Mate 30 smartphone and used its own Chinese software, Harmony. Although Mate 30 did not run Google’s Android, it did well in the Chinese market. It was also a hit in the other parts of the world; the hardware was so astounding that people did not mind absence of popular Android software.

Meanwhile, some US technology companies started applying for some exclusion rights to continue to work with Huawei but the government would not have any of it.

One Redmond based company, Microsoft, persisted and the Washington had no choice but to coil in and allow Microsoft to continue licensing Windows software on Huawei gadgets.

Following the footsteps of Microsoft, Google has also applied to the US government for exclusive rights to once again license its Android to Huawei.

It is a situation where a daughter who has been denied an opportunity to marry a man of her dreams goes back to the father and tells him that after all he is not going to be the one living with the prospective husband.

The technology world is an ecosystem. You can’t punish one without punishing the other. Just as Huawei depended on Google’s Android software, so did Google rely on Huawei’s popular smartphones as a breeding ground for its Android.

As I have said many times, the iPhone is surely an American’s icon of technology but it is designed in America yet assembled in China. If the truth be told, it is imported from China to the US. China provides an enabling environment for the assembly of the iPhone.

So, the next Huawei Mate smartphone is most probably going to run Android software. Google is knocking on Huawei’s door unrelentingly.

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