Government evacuates 11 Malawians from Ukraine


The Malawi Government says it has evacuated 11 Malawians from Ukraine, which has become a war zone after Russian soldiers invaded it on February 24 2022.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson John Kabaghe said the government had evacuated the Malawians to ensure their safety.

“There was a total of 11 Malawians who reached to the [Malawi] Government for assistance. They are now out of Ukraine,” he said.


Kabaghe indicated that, by Thursday last week, three of them had confirmed “reuniting with their families”.

Five were at various stages of organising their logistics to reunite with families while another three decided to stay in the region to “explore how they could still pursue their education”.

Kabaghe said not all evacuated Malawians were coming back home, as others were heading to other countries.


“By March 7, we recorded that five of them were coming back home,” he said.

On February 28, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement advising Malawians who were in Ukraine to get in touch with the Malawi Embassy in Berlin, Germany, for assistance.

Most of those escaping Ukraine, including citizens from other nations, have been crossing into nearby countries, mostly Poland, where they board planes to fly home.

According to international media reports, so far, the number of people fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine is over 500,000, with at least 102 civilians getting killed in the war.

There were reports that some African people fleeing Ukraine faced racism and discrimination at the border with Poland from officials on both sides.

Thousands of young African students have been studying in Ukraine, including those from Malawi, South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.

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