Government hails water, sanitation initiative

WATER IS LIFE—Mia turns one of the taps during the commissioning

The government has hailed non-governmental organisation Water for People for implementing a water and sanitation solar-powered project worth over K350 million in Chiradzulu and Chikwawa districts.

Water and Sanitation Minister Abida Mia said the initiative, which is providing tap water to communities in the two districts, will complement government’s efforts in providing access to safe water systems.

Mia said government appreciates the support it gets from other sectors in developing the country.


She made the remarks during the commissioning of three solar-powered projects at Tomoli Primary School and Dolo Health Centre in Chikwawa and Chikuli Primary School in Chiradzulu.

“We appreciate what Water for People is doing in the two districts. Such projects not only serve schools and health centres but surrounding communities as well. As government, we cannot manage to reach out to everyone at the same time due to limited resources.

“This is what President Lazarus Chakwera wants to see in all communities. We want full safe water coverage by 2030. We must strive towards achieving this especially now after the country experienced Cyclone Freddy which affected safe water systems. We had Covid-19 which had a lot to do with hygiene.


“Then cholera that hit us so badly. Such diseases start from the use of unsafe water and poor sanitation services. From there, the two diseases became very big health issues. So definitely, we have to make sure that everybody has safe water and efficient sanitation services if we are to curb all these diseases troubling us,” she said.

Water for People Country Director Ulemu Chiluzi said they are working with government and other partners in implementing climate-resilient wash programmes to support communities.

“This is the intervention we are undertaking to support communities and help them access safe water that is reliable. These investments have been designed to provide safe water in schools and surrounding communities,” Chiluzi said.

He said according to statistics, Chiradzulu and Chikwawa are two of the country’s districts that do not have access to safe water.

“For instance, 11 percent of people in Chiradzulu district do not have access to safe water. This includes schools that have a high enrolment. So this is initiative will contribute towards closing that gap. We need to make sure that each and every household in the two districts has access to safe water supply,” Chiluzi said.

The project has been funded by Charity Water.

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