Government moves to curb land fraud


Amid concerns that land issues are not properly managed in the country, Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Atupele Muluzi, has said the implementation of a modern digitalised land management system will address issues of fraudulent land deeds.

At the opening of the second Malawi Land Symposium in Lilongwe Wednesday, Muluzi said corruption is costing the country positive development.

He said further interventions are in design stage and that they will be unveiled soon to improve land management issues.


Muluzi said the digitalised land management system will mean all Malawians will be able to access land data and that it will, therefore, address corrupt practices on issues of land.

As his ministry is preparing to start implementing the Land Laws that were already assented to by President Peter Mutharika, Muluzi admitted that some of the biggest challenges will not be those of land registration, but community engagement, particularly regarding boundaries.

“We cannot implement the new legislation alone. We need to work together with communities, land owners, technical experts and colleagues from across government to ensure that we establish consent and support for the programme,” Muluzi said.


New Alliance Policy Acceleration Support (Napas- Malawi) Project Team Leader, Flora Nankhuni, said following the passing and assenting to of the land laws, stakeholders must brainstorm on how implementation will be done.

“It is important that we understand what is in the law and how it may affect the agriculture and land sectors. So, we need to understand the different aspects of the law because it is in legal language which needs someone to dissect for the people,” Nankhuni said.

She added that with particular emphasis on commercial agriculture, it is important for all players to understand aspects like steps to land acquisition.

The symposium was supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through Napas-Malawi which is under the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development and the European Union-Funded Land Governance Project.

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