Government ordered to place Vincent Wandale back on payroll

TAULO—That is the justice we have been looking for

The High Court in Lilongwe has ordered government to reintroduce leader of People’s Land Organisation Vincent Wandale on payroll after he was completely struck off following his interdiction a few years ago.

Assistant Registrar Howard Pemba has directed that Wandale—who was interdicted while working as District Agriculture Development Officer— should continue being given half pay as stipulated in the interdiction letter.

“After the applicant is reintroduced on payroll he should be paid his salary arrears within 30 days from the date of being reintroduced on the payroll and the process of retiring the applicant based on medical grounds should proceed and be implemented within 90 days,” reads the court order in part.


Wandale’s lawyer Oscar Taulo said he was happy with the ruling.

“He was interdicted with half salary but the government decided to remove him on the payroll without legal justification, putting my client in extreme financial difficulties. That the court has ordered the government to reintroduce my client on payroll and further pay his salary arrears is the justice we have been looking for,” Taulo said.

According to Taulo, the battle is not yet over until the government either pays Wandale his full retirement benefits or the court finally determines the substantive matter.


Meanwhile, we understand that the interdicted civil servant received his half salary for last month.

Wandale was arrested in connection with the land issue in Thyolo and Mulanje in which he proclaimed that he was the leader of the two districts.

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