Government, Saulos Chilima in verbal war


By jameson Chauluka:

Vice President and UTM presidential candidate Saulos Chilima has again hit at some government agencies especially Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) Malawi Communications and Regulatory Authority (Macra), accusing them of channelling resources to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party.

This is the second time in a week Chilima has made such claims. He said this at Naotcha in Blantyre on Sunday before reiterating the sentiments at Chikonde Primary School Ground in Neno Wednesday.


Chilima said, among other abuses, some gurus in the ruling party us fuel vouchers belonging to MRA and Macra.

“Fuel cards belonging to MRA and Macra are being used by some regional governors to fuel their vehicles. I have their card numbers here and, if you are interested, we can commission our own forensic audit. You commission your audit of these cards and we commission our own and let’s see who is telling the truth,” he said.

Chilima said he would not be intimidated by the government’s calls for him to bring evidence on corruption allegations in the government.


“What type of evidence do you want? There are so many things about which you have all the evidence, but you [the government] are not acting. Deal with what you have before we give you fresh evidence, otherwise we will use the other evidence ourselves after May 21,” he said.

But Minister of Information and government spokesperson, Henry Mussa, said it was unfortunate that Chilima keeps on talking about issues to do with the two parastatals on a platform they cannot defend themselves.

“At a rally it [what is said there] is always one-sided where Macra and MRA cannot defend themselves. If indeed that is taking place, why can’t he take the evidence he has to the Anti-Corruption Bureau where they can be heard? We are not threatening him at all.

“Again, the Vice President was the head of Public Service Reforms. What did he do when he was in government to address this problem? Has this issue of the two parastatals giving fuel to a political party started today?” Mussa wondered.

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