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Government should be decisive


At 53, it is rather comical that Malawi continues to run on laws that completely destroy existing policies.

If only our esteemed decision makers could see this too…

As a latest ridiculous development, the Democratic Progressive Party government has at all times urged farmers to produce more maize and the very same government has banned the export of maize.


It is quite clear that the decision to introduce an export restriction on maize, as argued by the Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, is frustrating the farmers that government continues to claim it wants to assist.

In the wake of the so-called food crisis that the country was facing, it was understandable to place the ban on maize export but we all know how that went down with some greedy leaders that we have in this country.

It was very commendable that Malawians were put first for a change but if this indecisiveness continues, this country will surely stagnate in its undeveloped state.


It is high time our esteemed decision makers made sound and well-thought-of decisions – decisions that will not have the very people this government serves struggling to make ends meet.

As it is right now, maize has been subject to the market laws of demand and supply – there is a lot of it on the market and thus the commodity is being sold at a very low price which in turn means the farmers are making losses.

How our leaders failed to foresee this as a possibility, takes the issue back to how this government does not do the much-needed research before making decisions.

One law practically ought not to downplay the power of another.

Government has to pick one: either ban the maize export and see farmers suffer or promote the increased produce of the staple but lift the ban on its importation.

Fifty-three years is past the embarrassment of indecisiveness.

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