Government should do better


It is extremely embarrassing to still be in need of a ‘babysitter’, in the name of international stakeholders, to tell us our population is growing too fast, our children are malnourished and that our projects are fruitless.

There is clearly something amiss with projections that Malawi’s economy will improve when poverty levels remain high.

Here in Malawi, we tend to really respect documents and, when that document is a progress report of some sort, we are head-over-heels, expectant of only the best.


This time, as has been the case before, government has projected an improvement in the country’s financial status but the World Bank has said that, rather, poverty levels in rural areas are still high.

One would wonder why an international body has to tell us that we are doing miserably.

Once again, our leadership has failed to critically look at the people and have rather sat in their comfortable chairs and made these disturbing findings.


Even the World Bank can see that what we keep hanging onto is not working out for the better.

The so-called Farm Input Subsidy Programme (Fisp) has been a failure from implementation but, unfortunately, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government has stuck to it like glue.

Our esteemed leaders should finally take heed of calls to “scale down on Fisp and invest in productive agriculture”.

To note that those that are already in dire situations are not even getting the welfare that should trickle down to them should be another wake-up call to our sleeping government.

DPP needs to seriously do what it promised Malawians – improve the standards of living.

There is need to seriously stop running and governing this country as though it were going to improve by the riches of the few.

It is high time the government woke up from its deep slumber and realised that it is running this country to the ground.

Help the very people that put you in those kingly seats.

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